Horaţiu Mălăele

Born on the 1st of August 1952.

In 1975 he graduated from the "I.L. Caragiale" Institute of Drama and Cinematography Art, Bucharest, Drama Department, Class of prof. univ. Octavian Cotescu.
He worked for the Tineretului Theatre in Piatra Neamt and for the Nottara Theatre. Since 1966 he has been working for the Bulandra Theatre.


"The Florentine Hat"by Eugene Labiche, directed by Ovidiu Schumacher, 1974
"The Threepenny Opera"by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Octavian Cotescu, 1974
"Trials"by Alexandru Voitin, directed by Octavian Cotescu, 1974
"King Stag"by Carlo Gozzi, directed by Bogdan Berciu, 1975


"Unageing Youth"by Covalli Eduard after Petre Ispirescu, directed by Catalina Buzoianu, Performance award - Iasi, 1975
"The Andersonville File"by Saul Levitt, directed by Emil Mandric, 1975
"The Servant of two masters"by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Iulian Visa, Award for the best performance - Galati, 1976
"The Mountain"by D.R. Popescu, directed by Emil Mandric, 1977 - Performance award
Tyll - Eulenspiegelby Coster, directed by Catalina Buzoianu, 1981 - Award for the best actor


"I don’t trust men"by Sofronov Anatolii, directed by Dan Micu, 1975
"The cat in the bag"by Georges Feydeau, directed by Dan Micu - ATM Award, 1978
The Poet - "Timon of Athens"by William Shakespeare, directed by Dinu Cernescu, 1978 - ATM Award, 1978
The Mayor - "The Toth Family"by Istvan Orkeny, directed by Valeriu Paraschiv - ATM Award, 1978
Smerdeakov – "The Karamazovs" after Dostoievskidirected by Dan Micu, 1981
Him - "Why do you sleep, my love?"by Jos Vandela, directed by Valeriu Paraschiv, 1981
"A royal celebration"by Theodor Mazilu, directed by Horatiu Malaele, 1982
The Fool- Lapusneanuby Costache Negruzzi, directed by Dan Micu, 1982
"These Sad Angels"by D.R. Popescu, directed by Mircea Cornisteanu, 1983
Scapino - Scapinoby Moliere, directed by Alexandru Dabija, 1985
"The Hunters"by Fanus Neagu, directed by Ion Cojar, 1985
"One Morning"by Mihai Ispirescu, directed by Dan Micu, 1988
"The Suicide"by Nikolai Erdman, directed by Cornel Mihalache, 1990
"A Flea in her ear"by Georges Feydeau, directed by Horatiu Malaele, 1993
Performance awardat "I.L. Caragiale" National Festival, Bucharest, 1993
Performance awardgiven by Romanian Humorists Association, 1993
"Where is the revolver?"by Georgey Gabor, directed by Mircea Cornisteanu, 1998 - UNITER Award 1998


"The Liar"by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Vlad Mugur, 1991 - UNITER Award, 1991
"Carlo versus Carlo"by Paul Ioachim, directed by Horatiu Malaele


The Teacher - "The Lesson"by Eugen Ionescu, directed by Horatiu Malaele, 1996
Jury's special award at the Contemporary Theatre FestivalBraşov, 1996 Bucharest National Theatre
The misunderstood one - "The Bridge"text by Horatiu Malaele after Paul Ioachim, 1999


The misunderstood one - "The Bridge"text by Horatiu Malaele after Paul Ioachim, 1999


The Director - "Six Characters in search of an Author"by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Catalina Buzoianu, 1995
"The Coffeshop"by Sam Bobrick and Ron Clark, directed by Horatiu Malaele, 1997
"Uncle Vanea"by A.P. Cehov, directed by Yuri Kordonski, 2001


"The Crooks out in the open"by Ion Baietu, directed by Horatiu Malaele
Staging awardThe Romanian Comedy Festival, 1994
Ion Baiesu Stagin Award and Performance AwardBuzau, 1994
"A prisoner in Auschwitz"by Alain Bosquet, directed by Domnita Munteanu - Jury’s special award, Braşov, 1996


"A royal celebration"by Theodor Mazilu, Nottara Theatre, 1982
"The Flea"by Georges Feydeau, Nottara Theatre, 1993 - A.U.R Staging Award
"Carlo versus Carlo"by Paul Ioachim, Odeon Theatre, 1994 - Staging award at the Romanian Comedy Festival
"Crooks out in the open"after Ion Baiesu, spectacol itinerant, 1995
A.U.R. Staging Award
Award for Originalityat "Ion Baiesu" Festival, Buzau
Hotel de Ray CooneyOvidiu Theatre in Constanta, 1997
"The Coffe Shop "by Sam Bobrick and Ron Clark, Bulandra Theatre, 1997
"The Lesson"by Eugen Ionescu, Theatrum Mundi, 1997
"The Hat"after "Un chapeau de paille" / "The Straw Hat" by Eugéne Labiche, The Comedy Theatre, 1998
D'ale after "D'ale carnavalului"by I. L. Caragiale, Nottara Theatre, 1999
The Bridge after "The Suicide Bridge"by Paul Ioachim, Bucharest National Theatre, 1999
"Head on the Anvil" after "Blacksmiths"by Milos Nicolic, Nottara Theatre, 2000
"Money out of the sky"by Ray Cooney, The Comedy Theatre, 2001 - Award for the best show - National Comedy Festival, Galati
"Abuliu's country"after Dumitru Solomon, The Comedy Theatre, 2002
"The Ox meadow"after A. P. Cehov, The Comedy Theatre, 2003
Award for the best show – The Theatre Studio FestivalPitesti, The 11th edition, November 2005
"The Buffoon"after A. P. Cehov, Bulandra Theatre, 2004
"The Inspector General"by N.V. Gogol, The Comedy Theatre, 2006


"Silent Wedding"Castel Film, 2008. Awarded with the Grand Prize at Terni, Italy


"Tonight We Improvise"by Luigi Pirandello
"No payment for courage"by I.D. Serban
"The Mountain"by D.R.Popescu
"The Sicilian woman"by Aurel Baranga
"Our Daily Happiness"by Octavian Sava
"Torrid Heart"by Octavian Sava
"On first sight"by Ion Baiesu
"College story"by Mihail Sorbu
"A Servant for Two Masters"by Carlo Goldoni
"A Stormy Night"by I.L. Caragiale
"The Red Passion"by Mihail Sorbu, directed by Geo Saizescu


"The Hidden Mountain"directed by Andrei Catalin Baleanu, 1974
"Glory doesn't Sing"directed by Alexandru Bocanet, 1976
"Happiness is so close"directed by Andrei Catalin Baleanu, 1977
"For Country"directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, 1977
"September"directed by Timotei Ursu, 1977
"Hazelnut Chocolate"directed by Gheorghe Naghi, 1978
"Zero Hour"directed by Nicolae Corjos, 1979
"Alone Among Friends"directed by Cornel Todea, 1979
"Song for my Son"directed by Constantin Dicu, 1980
"My Traveling Love"directed by Cornel Todea, 1980
"I have an Idea"directed by Alecu Croitoru, 1981
"Romantic Destinies"directed by Haralambie Boros, 1981
"Songs from Costinesti"directed by Constantin Paun, 1982
"Mad Forest"directed by Nicolae Corjos, 1982


"The Painted Sun"directed by Gheorghe Naghi, 1983
"The Secret of Bacchus"directed by Geo Saizescu, 1983
"Windstarke"directed by Tudor Marascu, 1983
"The Kid"directed by Iosif Damian, 1984
"Freshmen Spring"directed by Mircea Moldovan, 1985
"One day in Bucharest"directed by Ion Popescu Gopo, 1986
"The Secret of Nemesis"directed by Geo Saizescu, 1986
"The Miracle"directed by Tudor Marascu, 1987
"Maria and Mirabela in Tranzistoria"directed by Ion Popescu-Gopo, 1988
"The Secret of the Secret Weapon"directed by Alexandru Tatos, 1988
"Sky's Tear"directed by Alexandru Istratescu-Lener, 1989
"Miss Seaside"directed by Mircea Muresan, 1990
"The House from the Dream"directed by Ioan Carmazan, 1991
"Loving Divorce"directed by Andrei Blaier, 1991
"Where are you running to, master?"directed by Bogdan Dragulescu, 1992
"Whispers of Love"directed by Mircea Danieliuc, 1993
"Leisure"directed by Valeriu Dragusanu, 1993


Has displayed over 3000 caricatures in 36 national and international exhibitions.
He was the editor-in-chief of "Satirul" Publication.


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