Horaţiu Mălăele

Funeralii fericite

De Adrian Lustig
Regia Horaţiu Mălăele


In an industrial neighborhood, three friends drink away their cares.

Lionel is a Romanian engineer who left his country a long time ago, but came back from France chased by the economic crisis. Kiril is a Bulgarian bootlegger and Volodea a Russian plumber, both living in Bucharest.

When the police raids the pub, the three leave the place and get to discover a Gypsy camp, where they dare to have their future told. They start laughing when an old Gypsy woman tells them their exact time of death, which is much sooner than they had expected.

As the prophecy begins to manifest into a grim reality, Lionel tries his best to cheat what he now believes to be his imminent end. He gets involved in an unprecedented media campaign to save his life and falls in love for Lili, his strange neighbor.

On the fateful day, the stakes could not be any higher for Lionel. He has lost everything, but has also bet everything.

Will the Grim Reaper be as merciless as foreseen or will our hero regain control of his destiny?



You cannot fake fate

but you can try to do it.



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